Sacrificial Commitment
by Jonathan Holcombe

Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. – Luke 14:27 (HCSB)

Tim loved sports. Growing up where sports were played and high school athletes were celebrated by the local television stations and newspapers had created a tremendous desire in Tim’s heart to play sports. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer – you name it and Tim could play. Not only could he play, but Tim excelled. In addition, Tim’s dad and mom were committed followers of Christ. Tim accepted Jesus as his Lord at an early age and his parents discipled him as he matured. As Tim entered high school, God started working on his heart and his heart began to change. Not that his desire to play sports had diminished, but Jesus was showing him that He had something much greater. Tim prayed through this season of life and decided to give up sports in order to serve God. Tim took up his cross and followed his Lord.

What about you? What is Jesus asking you to lay down? If you are a true follower of Him, Jesus says you must take up your cross and follow Him.

Do it today. Don’t wait. Pick it up.

Jesus didn’t say your cross would be easy and pain free, but He did say it would be worth it.

Prayer: Lord, I want a powerful life that can only come through prayer. You know I desire an active, authentic prayer life that keeps me in constant communication with you. Please remove all of the obstacles in my heart that keep me from praying daily.

“The greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.” – F.B. Meyer

Engage10K Prayer: Pray for those who will give testimonies about God’s faithfulness in their lives.