Generational Connection
by Scott Schulik

If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. – Mark 3:25 (HCSB)

Seven years ago, Cris approached me about my son, Josh, helping with some yard work and projects around his home. Recently, as Josh and I talked about this experience, he said, “You go expecting to do some yard work and earn a few bucks, but experience a reward far richer than you could ever imagine.” Cris always made sure there was a cold Dr Pepper in the fridge and took time to talk about the Texas Rangers. Over the years, Cris poured into Josh’s life words of wisdom, faith and encouragement, helping Josh grow in Christlike character and confidence.

Although 70 years separated the two, a lasting friendship that bridged the generations was forged. If only every young person could have such a mentor. If every dad could be so blessed to have someone take such an interest in his son! As we pray for our children, let us ask God to bring mentors and encouragers into their lives. As a church, let us pray that God will lead us to reach beyond generational and cultural differences. Cris went to be with the Lord in May of this year, but his acts of kindness, generosity, prayerful support and love left a lasting legacy.

Prayer: Lord, let me not be changed by the culture, but to be Your agent of change. Let me refuse to be tolerant of lies and false teaching. Bring to light anything I have accepted that I need removed from my life.

“What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.” – John Wesley

Engage10K Request: Pray for our senior adults at Mobberly who are examples to all of us of lives lived for Christ with tenacity and endurance. Pray for those we engage with weekly at local retirement centers, care facilities and through Meals on Wheels.