An Introduction to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Glynn_Stone_VToday’s average life span is just over 25,000 days. Surely, we can each set aside 40 of those to figure out what God wants for the future of our church – His church! The Bible is clear that God considers 40 days a spiritually significant amount of time. When God wants to work in and through someone in a mighty way, there is a substantial season of spiritual preparation:

  • Noah’s life was transformed by 40 days of rain.
  • Moses was transformed by 40 days on Mt Sinai.
  • The spies were transformed by 40 days in the Promised Land.
  • David was transformed by Goliath’s 40-day challenge.
  • Elijah was transformed when God gave him 40 days of strength from a single meal.
  • The entire city of Nineveh was transformed when God gave the people 40 days to change.
  • Jesus was empowered by 40 days in the wilderness.

The disciples experienced transformation during the 40 days with Jesus after His resurrection, yet before His ascension.

Thank you for taking the next 40 days to prepare for God to work powerfully in your life and speak directly to your heart as He transforms each of us through this season of prayer and fasting. Why should fasting be a part of this 40-day spiritual journey? God’s choicest provisions come only through prayer AND fasting. What we glean from 2 Chronicles 20:22-30 is that Jehoshaphat, a King of Judah, conquered the Moabites without even raising a sword thanks to the nation praying and fasting. If we want to hear God clearly and experience God’s work powerfully, we must remove distractions and focus wholeheartedly on Him.

I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you!


Dr. Glynn Stone
Senior Pastor
Mobberly Baptist Church