Sungani Banda is a Zambian international student attending East Texas Baptist University. She began attending Mobberly’s college ministry in the fall of 2015. Sungani invited one of her friends to an Easter gathering on the Longview campus where he rededicated his life to Christ.

“I met Jay when I was visiting another church in Tyler called Korean Church that one of my friends introduced me to because of our shared interest in Korea,” Sungani said. “While there, I got to meet and interact with many Korean international students, mainly from LeTourneau. I got to know Jay more, as he was on my team for the ice-breakers we played. We often met as a group outside of church to hang out, and I remember him saying that Tyler was too far for him every Sunday. When Pastor Glynn urged us to pray for our friends, he came to mind.”

As international students, Sungani and Mpanga (another Zambian international student) lacked transportation to get to church and relied on friends. When their college friends left to go home for Easter, they had no way to get to church.

“That’s the really cool part,” Sungani said. “I finally got my driver’s license that Thursday before Good Friday, and as we were celebrating Good Friday at a friend’s house, Alan Huesing, who attends Mobberly Marshall, let us use his van. So, not only did we have a ride to church, but we could easily pick Jay up from LeTourneau, where he is a student. I extended the invitaiton, which he gladly accepted, and we all came to church.”

Although it was out of her comfort zone to ask Jay to come to church with her, Sungani said she is glad she overcame her fear because he was so thankful for the invitation.

“Jay was baptized in high school, got distant during college and like the rest of us, is still finding out more about the faith,” Sungani said. “But on Easter, Jay rededicated his life to Christ. He has expressed an interest to continue coming to church with us and even serving in the children’s ministry.”