Cash Gifts
You can give cash or checks. You may also give online at mobberly.org/giving (select Building Fund).

Gifts of Stock
Publicly traded securities, mutual funds, and shares of stock may be given directly to the church. You may avoid most, if not all, taxes on the appreciated amount of the stock.

Gifts of Other Property
Mobberly Baptist Church may accept gifts (subject to review) of jewelry, real estate, or other easily sellable property. Per IRS rules, the donor is responsible for assessing the value of the contribution. In some cases it may be better for Mobberly for the donor to sell the property and donate the proceeds.

Tax-Advantaged Gifts
Charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities and other tax-advantaged gifts may benefit the donor and Mobberly.

Gifts Through Your Company
Some may be able to give more by giving in whole or part through their company. Also, some companies may provide matching gift opportunities.

Gifts of Life Insurance
You can name Mobberly Baptist Church as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for your family’s protection.

You may want to designate a portion of your estate to Mobberly, enabling you to give to an eternal cause even more generously than what may be possible while living.

For more information, contact Larry Wilson at 903.663.3100, or contact us below: