Senior Pastor

GlynnStonepicEight decades ago, God placed a daunting task in front of 49 people who planted what would become Mobberly Baptist Church on the south side of Longview. Imagine their excitement, their courage, and even their fear as they looked ahead to playing their role in God’s plans. I think it’s safe to say that they never could have imagined what God had in store for them or the church.

New facilities have been built, land has been acquired, and programs have been added which have allowed Mobberly to reach a rapidly growing community that has fewer borders every day. Through the years, our ministry has expanded across lingual and cultural barriers and has expanded geographically with a campus in Marshall.

Mobberly has helped take the gospel of Jesus Christ across the state, the nation, and the globe through relationship building, church planting, and mission work.

Still, despite its location in the heart of the Bible belt, just seven percent of East Texans attend church.

For the 230,000 people we never see on Sunday—who are searching for answers, who feel hopeless and afraid—the gospel of Jesus Christ is a bright light in their dark world.

Mobberly serves an area that reaches 75,000 households, and God loves every single member of those households. Scripture tells us that He is “not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance,” (2 Peter 3:9). Mobberly is in a unique position to saturate East Texas with the gospel.

God has given us a bold vision, in which every one of us has a role. In the next three years, the people of Mobberly Baptist Church will engage 10,000 households in East Texas with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when that happens, just imagine the greater impact a transformed community will have on the world.

To do this, we must address urgent needs on our campuses in both Longview and Marshall. In doing so, we will be prepared to minister to the men, women, boys, and girls as they are engaged with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Engaging others with the gospel of Jesus Christ is nothing new for members of Mobberly Baptist Church. We are the result of that engagement, the legacy of those 49 people who began the work eight decades ago. We know that to whom much is given, much is required.



What is Engage10K?

In the next three years, the people of Mobberly Baptist Church will engage 10,000 East Texas households with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Engage10K furthers our mission of being people leading people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

What’s the point?

Engage10K is a step toward a solution to a local issue. East Texas is home to 75,000 households and about 245,000 people. And despite our location in the heart of the Bible belt, just seven percent of East Texans attend church. That means about 230,000 people in our area are searching for answers. Many feel hopeless and afraid. A transformation will take place across East Texas as households begin to focus on a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Marriages and families will be strengthened, and our communities will be transformed by new believers living out the gospel. Engage10K is about revival. It’s about God’s people getting serious about winning their communities to Christ. If we don’t do that, what will East Texas look like when our children grow up?

How does this initiative connect to our master plan?

In order to accomplish this God-sized vision, we have reimagined our campuses as not just a group of buildings, but as places where people will come throughout the week to gather and meet together, and as tools to help us connect with our community in deeper ways than ever before. We envision church campuses that become a center for mobilizing church planters and missionaries and serve as a connecting point for families and individuals.

What do the reimagined campuses look like?

Welcoming the community to the church property is essential for having gospel conversations. As we prepare to engage future generations, we are embracing four campus projects that will equip all of us for the task ahead. These projects will enable us to engage 10,000 households with the gospel message faster, take the gospel message further and share the gospel message in a cost effective way.

  • The addition of an 18,000 square foot preschool building, enhanced security in the existing preschool building and a new campus “front porch” and entrance to The Crossing.
  • The purchase of an existing building or land to build on for a permanent home for our Marshall campus.
  • Worship Center renovations that include multimedia upgrades that will enhance the worship experience in all worship venues and the online experience, added seating and a new baptistry.
  • Additions and improvements at Williams Lake and its adjacent land including a pavilion, walking trails, picnic areas, a gazebo, an amphitheater, concessions and restrooms at the sports fields and a north entrance from Hawkins Parkway.
In what order will these improvements be made?

As God provides, we are targeting completion of the preschool complex first, followed by the purchase or building of a new Marshall campus. Improvements to the Worship Center will occur next, followed by enhancements to Williams Lake and its adjacent land.

How much will this cost? Are we going to go into debt to pay for this?

The four projects have a potential price tag of approximately $12 million. Mobberly leadership is committed to not taking on additional long-term debt associated with Engage10K. Mobberly has been aggressively paying down the long-term debt associated with The Bridge, and will continue to pay it off through monthly payments built into the Ministry Action Plan (MAP, or budget).

How will we fund it?

Beginning Sept. 12, 2016, the Mobberly family will embark on 40 days of prayer and fasting as we seek God as a church and consider our individual role in fulfilling this vision. God will fund His plan and purpose through His people. We ask you to prayerfully commit to a three-year pledge toward the Engage10K capital campaign. On Oct. 30, 2016, we will come together to make our commitment and give a first fruits offering toward the Engage10K capital campaign.

Does this change our church planting and missions focus?

Engage10K is the first step toward a 10-year plan to make an eternal impact locally, nationally and globally. In the next decade, we aim to plant 100 churches across North America and equip 1,000 pastors in Malawi to reach one million people in Africa with the gospel. God has used Mobberly to plant churches in Texas, California, Hawaii, South Dakota, Alaska and England. He has used this church to invest in the ministry in Malawi and in nations across the globe for years. Engage10K strengthens our “home base” for sending and providing resources as God uses Mobberly’s people to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15)

Where did the Engage10K vision come from?

Pastor Glynn, along with staff and church leadership, has been praying and thinking through campus needs continually as a part of campus master planning to accomplish God’s purposes through Mobberly. As God birthed the vision of Engage10K, it became clear that there are campus needs to both help accomplish the goal of reaching these households and accomodate many of them coming to join the Mobberly family. These items were shared with the Planning & Building Committee, as well as with other key church leaders. Through God’s providence these efforts are merging to attempt a God-sized task of reaching the community at such a time as this.

What does it mean to “engage a household with the gospel”?

Think about it like this: Relationship + Gospel = Engaged Household. There are four pieces of the puzzle that come together to complete a household engaged with the gospel: 1) Praying for my friends. 2) Listening to my friends. 3) Serving my friends. 4) Sharing the gospel with my friends. When these four pieces of the puzzle are put together we will see a gospel-engaged household.

How will we track progress toward this God-sized goal?

We have developed a mobile app that provides personalized support, regular tips, encouragement and the ability to track engagement.