Obedience Through Prayer

Obedience Through Prayer

“I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!”  –Isaiah 65:24, NLT

When Janet Grace received a phone call from Laney Wootten on May 3, she sent her best friend this message: 

Today, I received a phone call about someone needing a concrete driveway. It was Laney Wootten from those Feminars. She led the worship time. She said she was being prompted by Jesus to call and hoped that didn’t bother me. I said no, told her to have a good day and hung up. Hours later she called back to say she was once again being prompted to call and asked if she could pray for me. Shocked, I said sure. I told her about the problems Gary was having with his health and she prayed over the phone with me. She told me that she was doing her best to be obedient to the Lord by following this prompt. She didn’t want to do it, for fear I would think she was nuts. She also said Jesus loves us and enjoys when we pray. What you or she didn’t know was that for the past two weeks Gary and I have made it a point to pray daily together – aloud. We had never done that before. Laney touched me in a way I have not been touched in a long time. I cannot wait to tell Gary about this. God is Awesome!

As a result of that phone call, Janet and her husband Gary attended Mobberly’s Marshall campus the following Sunday, not knowing that Laney led worship there. They had been looking for a church home for a while and had actually visited Mobberly before. This time was different for them, though. “I walked in and felt I belonged,” Janet said.

Since May, Gary and Janet have been regularly attending in Marshall and are getting more involved with the church. As a result of their obedience in prayer, God has helped them find a church family. Although daily struggles are still present, God has provided them a place where they can walk alongside other believers and continue learning how to place their trust in Him.